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15 november 2019

Premiere in Switzerland of “Swiss Coast”, a documentary film by Andrea Pellerani. Thursday 28th of november in Bern Switzerland.

Premiere “Swiss Coast”. 

Date: Thursday 28th of november
Time: 20:00 hrs (duration 30 minutes)
Location: in Alte Feuerwehr Viktoria

Bern, Switzerland (Gotthelfstrasse 29, Viktoriastrasse 70). See location on Google maps

About the film Swiss Coast

Swiss Coast portraits two small-scale coastal fishermen in the North of the Netherlands; Jan and Barbara. In the Waddensea they harvest food from nature by hand. A way of fishing that dates from prehistoric times. The film shows how the river Rhine connects the Swiss Alps with the Wadden Sea. Nutrients in the water from the mountains form healthy breeding ground for the oysters, mussels and fish that the fishing couple catches in the Wadden Sea and then sells in Zürich.

Amidst the overwhelming beauty of nature, on the border between land and sea, Jan and Barbara compel us to think, through the eyes of the Swiss filmmaker Andrea Pellerani, about the relationship we humans have with nature. Nature is not separate from us: we are part of it and we depend on it.


After talk with the filmmaker

The director Andrea Pellerani and the protagonists Jan and Barbara Geertsema will be present at this Swiss premiere. After the first screening there is time for questions and dialogue. After the second screening there will be opportunity for informal chat in the bar.

Buy, shuck and taste oysters

The famous Wild Wad Oysters will also be present at the Alte Feuerwehr Viktoria. They can be purchased at the Allmend food market, where visitors can learn to open their own oysters and eat them at the spot. And Restaurant Löscher will serve the oysters as a starter.

Program 28 November 2019

17:00 - 19:00 Allmend Food market. Featuring Wild wad Oysters and  "Shuck your own!" oyster opening classes and oyster preparations at the stand.

18:00 - 21:30 Wild Wad Oysters on the menu of Restaurant Löscher.

20:00 - 20:30 Swiss premiere of Andrea Pellerani's documentary film "Swiss Coast"

20:30 - 21:00 time for questions and dialogue with the director Andrea Pelleraniand the Protagonists Jan and Barbara Geertsema, who will all be in the room.

21:00 - 21:30 Possibility for a second screening of Andrea Pellerani's documentary film "Swiss Coast"

21:30 - 22:45 drinks in the bar. (22:45 bar closed, 23:30 Löscher closed)

Free entrance to the film

Entrance to the Alte Feuerwehr, Restaurant Löscher and to the film is free.

Make reservations for the film

There are only 30 seats available in the film room. It is possible to reserve a seat on name. Please write an email to Jan and Barbara:

Reservations will be valid until 15 minutes before the screening.

Read more faq and background on Swiss Coast: Sailing on the grass "Swiss Coast is a documentary film by Andrea Pellerani, made possible by Doxy Films.